About Hospice-101.com

Hospice-101.com was created by a Hospice Nurse who saw the need for further education for patients and their loved ones on the topic of hospice, especially for those without a medical background. Hospice-101.com is recommended for those loved ones and caregivers that need basic information about hospice. Hospice-101.com is also for those who are in hospice who may feel overwhelmed with the amount of information they have received about the hospice benefit and program.

This web page is a guide and introduction to the hospice benefit.

This webpage has no affiliation with any organization, no affiliation with any hospice agency, and there is no membership needed to review the information on these pages. Just basic, clear information that will, hopefully, help you and your loved ones understand the benefits of hospice.

What People Say

We were terrified when the doctor mentioned the word “hospice” but now, through our experience with hospice, have learned that hospice can be a comforting experience.

Hospice patient’s Loved One.

We learned that there are different types of hospice agencies. This website helped me ask the right questions before we selected the right hospice agency for us. Thank you.

Hospice Patient’s Spouse.

I’m so glad I had hospice to help me through my husband’s end of life experience.

Spouse of hospice patient
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About the Hospice-101.com Creator/Author:

The Hospice-101.com creator and author is a dedicated Hospice Nurse with 10-years experience in the field of Hospice & Palliative Care. She is also a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse (CHPN) who is passionate about education and providing compassionate end-of-life cares.

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