Looking For Meaning During this Pandemic

God is at work.

At the end of each shift as a hospice nurse, I take time to review my visits, the choices made during the day, outcomes, words said by my hospice patients, and the lessons I learned. I reflect on responses from myself and from patients, and look for how to improve each day as a hospice nurse.

Today, after my busy shift of suddenly-increasing hospice admissions, I find myself looking not at the little details of my shift, but instead at the whole picture of the COVID-19 pandemic and the profound impact it is making on the lives around the world.

God Works in Mysterious Ways.

And, believe me or not, here’s what I think has happened: God has been trying to tell us something for a long time about our busy lives, our egotistical, egocentric society, our wasteful choices and the poor direction we were headed, and we chose not to hear Him. We haven’t been listening to His little messages, the obvious signs, over these past years.

Now, His Power from this recent and sudden, most-profound message is finally getting through Loud & Clear (at least to me and my family).

We need to stay calm, stop, and listen clearly to the lesson being sent to each and every one of us. Do you hear it?
What lesson have YOU learned so far from His message?

For me and my family, it’s been:
❤️the Importance of our family, learning that home is truly where the heart is, don’t waste food, be thankful for our health, admire the beauty of nature, the power of hugs, true friends, priorities, and helping others, just to name a few.

Stay safe and healthy.
And, find your meaning to His message.


Published by TeriBartRN

The author is a dedicated RN with 13-years experience as a Hospice Nurse. She is a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse (CHPN) who is passionate about education, and providing compassionate end-of-life cares. She is also a dedicated pickleball player, editor/publisher of a Pickleball eNewsletter, Ambassador, and a Pickleball Blog Writer/Editor.

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